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File a Claim

File a Claim

Should you ever have to file a claim, wouldn’t you like it to be a smooth process?

HUB has partnered with an extensive network of top-quality insurance carriers from around the country. We have chosen to work with this select group of carriers because we are confident they will provide you with the highest level of customer service should you ever need to file a home, auto or business-related claim. Because HUB International is always striving to do more for our clients, if you ever have a personal or business loss that is catastrophic, we will assign our in-house claims specialist, Lori Burkavage, to be your liaison with your insurance carrier. She will help you navigate what can be a complicated claims process, be with you every step of the way, and get you back to business, on the road or in your home as quickly as possible.

Choose Your Carrier

Find your carrier below to get the claims process started

ABA/ABAIS Insurance ServicesFile a Claim(800) 274-5222
Acadia InsuranceFile a Claim(888) 665-1170
ACE American InsuranceFile a Claim(800) 433-0385
A.I.M. Mutual Insurance CompaniesFile a Claim(866) 270-3354
AIGFile a ClaimWC: (888) 393-6828
Auto & GL: (877) 399-6442
24 Hours: (877) 399-6442
Amtrust FinancialFile a Claim(866) 272-9267
Andover Companies
File a Claim(800) 225-0770
Arbella InsuranceFile a ClaimWC: (800) 303-0800
Auto & Property: (800) 272-3552
Atlantic Charter Insurance Co.File a Claim(617) 488-6576
Berkley Assigned RiskFile a Claim(800) 435-1127
Boston Insurance BrokerageFile a Claim(800) 556-7037
Brownstone InsuranceFile a Claim(617) 236-6400
Bunker Hill InsuranceFile a Claim(888) 472-5246
Central Mutual InsuranceFile a Claim(888) 263-2924
Chem PlanFile a Claim(800) 410-1511 x101
CHUBBFile a Claim(800) 252-4670
CNAFile a Claim(877) 262-2727
ChurchillFile a Claim(866) 348-7345
Cove RiskFile a Claim(800) 790-8877
Foremost Insurance GroupFile a Claim(800) 527-3907
Gallagher BassettFile a Claim(866) 348-7345
Guard Insurance CompaniesFile a Claim(888) 639-2567
The Hanover Insurance GroupFile a Claim(800) 628-0250
The HartfordFile a Claim(800) 533-1710
Hospitality Insurance GroupFile a Claim(877) 366-1140
InsurmarkFile a Claim(800) 833-5912
James River Insurance Co.File a Claim(804) 289-2712
Liberty MutualFile a Claim(800) 362-0000
Mapfre/Commercial InsuranceFile a Claim(800) 221-1605
Massachusetts Fair PlanFile a Claim(800) 392-6108
Merchants Insurance GroupFile a Claim(800) 462-1077
NBISFile a Claim(888) 567-7285
One Beacon Insurance GroupFile a Claim(877) 248-3455
Philadelphia Insurance CompaniesFile a Claim(800) 765-9749
Plymouth Rock AssuranceFile a Claim(844) 346-1225
QuakerFile a Claim(508) 755-6210
SafeholdFile a Claim(800) 842-8917
SCUFile a ClaimN/A
Selective InsuranceFile a ClaimWC: (877) 352-6860
Flood: (877) 348-0552
All Others: (866) 455-9969
The Flood Insurance AgencyFile a Claim(844) 287-2289
TravelersFile a ClaimWC: (800) 832-7839
Auto, Prop & GL: (800) 238-6225
Bond, Cyber & Specialty: (800) 842-8496
USLIFile a Claim(888) 523-5545
Utica NationalFile a ClaimWC: (800) 284-3806
All Others: (800) 216-1420
Vermont Mutual Insurance GroupFile a Claim(800) 435-0397
Verlan Fire InsuranceFile a Claim(877) 483-7526

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