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Umbrella Insurance

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Umbrella Insurance

Did you know that umbrella insurance from HUB International can help you sleep like a baby again?

Your friends at HUB International know that there are any number of things – big and small – that can keep you up at night. Some are admittedly more annoying than real issues – like “What if my car is in the shop longer than expected?” or “What if my babysitter cancels?” and, always on a New Englander’s mind, “What if something happens to Tom Brady?”

While HUB International aims to be much more than your insurance advisor, the answers to these questions are a little beyond our scope of work. However, we also know you worry about more serious things, and probably at the top of that list is the health and safety of your family, friends, and neighbors.

So, while entertaining at your home, having a pet, or owning a swimming pool, boat or RV, are all some of life’s most enjoyable and rewarding things, they can also be the source of concern should something unexpected happen.

Before a big gathering at your home, or a day out on the water, or even taking the family pet to the dog park for the first time, your mind might be racing at night with questions like:

  • What if someone gets injured at my party?
  • What if the kids take friends out on the boat alone and someone gets hurt?
  • What if our puppy really doesn’t like other dogs, or worse, other people?

At HUB International, we are the experts at “what if” situations like these. We have helped thousands of Massachusetts homeowners, parents, and pet owners like you find the right personal umbrella insurance protection that gives you invaluable peace of mind and keeps you from tossing and turning all night long.

To ensure we give you the proper advice on the best solution for your specific exposures, the very first thing we will do is evaluate both your current auto and home insurance policies. These policies do provide a basic level of liability coverage, and we want you to understand what that amount is and how likely it is to fully or partially cover situations where you, a family member, or a pet is responsible for personal injury, property damage, or libel/slander.

Once we have established your liability limits on your standard policies, your HUB International insurance specialist will ask some important questions to surmise what kind of risk you are at for being sued. In today’s litigious society, it’s pretty clear that just about anyone and everyone is vulnerable to a lawsuit, but there are several scenarios that could put you at even higher risk, including:

  • Do you own and/or rent out property?
  • Do you have a trampoline, swimming pool, or hot tub?
  • Do you host large parties?
  • Are you a well-known public figure?
  • Do you have a teen driver?
  • Do you own a dog?
  • Do you own a motorcycle, RV or boat?
  • Have you accumulated lots of assets?
  • Do you employee a nanny or au pair?

A photo of a dog wearing rain-boots, holding an umbrella to help visualize personal umbrella insurance

Answering “Yes” to one or more of these factors makes you more likely to find yourself in a lawsuit and, thus, much more critical for you to consider purchasing umbrella insurance to supplement your auto and home insurance policies. Even if you don’t fit into any of these categories, you may still find you get a better night’s sleep by knowing that you’re protected by an umbrella policy that provides:

  • Excess liability over and above your current liability limits that are written on your other personal insurance policies, such as auto, home, boat or RV
  • Protection against judgments against you in a lawsuit for negligent acts
  • Coverage for defense costs and attorneys’ fees associated with claims against you
  • Protection for a covered loss that takes place anywhere in the world

HUB is much more than an insurance agency who finds you the lowest priced coverage. We take a much more holistic view of your insurance needs by looking at your lifestyle, your family, and your assets. Please contact us with your personal umbrella insurance questions, to review a current policy, or for help making an informed decision about protecting the things you own and love from a major claim or lawsuit. As one of the area’s largest, privately owned, independent insurance agencies, HUB International can ensure you get the best umbrella insurance for your specific needs and at the most competitive rates.

If you are ready for a more personal relationship with trusted insurance professionals who will help you analyze and protect your liability risks, call us today at 833-GoCallHUB or stop into either of our two convenient Massachusetts offices.

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